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Our Services

Cashier less Checkout

AI is unable to recognize products and interactions with a very high accuracy.  Our humans plug into your AI to monitor and help generate accurate and timely receipts. 

Remote authentication

Plug into our camera based authentication solutions for a seamless, self-serve customer experience. Enable your customers to rent a car after hours.

Survelliance and Theft Protection

Build a deterrent surveillance system by flagging suspicious activity and sending an alert. Our people are there to make sure your AI doesn't miss anything.

Inspection and Defect Detection

Inspections and quality control are critical manufacturing processes. You run the production line and let us help you produce flawless products! 

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Our tools and people can be plugged into your existing workflows.  It's as simple as connecting to our API within seconds.

Our backend tools enable you to focus on the deployment and scaling of your AI while we take care of the failures.