Full-time dedicated teams
High-quality datasets for
your AI & ML  
Live ops support 
No long term contracts
24 * 7 customer support 


Image Annotation

Video Annotation
Data Research

2D & 3D & LIDAR annotation​

Semantic Segmentation

Boxes, Polygons, Cuboids, Lines​

Logo Recognition

Collection, Categorization, Moderation


Object tracking


Sample data


Send us a sample dataset.  We'll then ask you to jump on a quick call so a dedicated customer success manager can understand your exact requirements

Ramp up


Once we show off our data annotation skills on the sample set :) we'll ask you to send a larger batch and ramp up to your exact throughput needs

Full production


Now sit back relax and enjoy as your data gets delivered to you in exactly the timeframe it was promised.  We also have an API that you can use to send & get data


A dedicated customer success manager will be available 24 * 7

Accuracy & Efficiency

Why is our data so good? 


1. We use only in-house, full-time and highly trained annotators


2. We tag data multiple times and insert validation tests


3. A separate QA team reviews 100% of the data - they are financially incentivized to find mistakes

How can we produce data so cheaply?  


1. Our customized annotation tools enable our teams to perform faster and pass those savings down to you

2. Our team members are already trained in most use cases





email a human:

amy at datapure dot co

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